Holistic Doula Services & Childbirth Education Classes near Asheville, NC

All women are sacred. Each childbearing experience is unique. Every birth is transformational and holds wisdom & beauty.

Birth is powerful. Love is powerful. Matrescence is powerful! Mothers are the heart of the family ~ families are the heart of the community. My work is devoted to mothers and to the precious MotherBaby. May you feel the joy of being who you are during your childbirth experiences, and embrace the joy, beauty & magnitude of carrying life, becoming a mother & creating family.

Meet Nena

Nena has been serving childbearing mothers & families since 2013, shortly after the birth of her first baby. She is a certified Holistic Birth & Postpartum Doula, devoted dancer, and herbal maker. Nena serves families in & near the beautiful Southeast Appalachian mountains surrounding Asheville, NC.

A Gift for You ~ for planning & enjoying a beautiful Postpartum Ceremony:

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Services & offerings are non-clinical and non-medical in nature. At all stages, I do not make decisions on your behalf.