Nurturing sovereignty, wholeness, vitality and deeply satisfying connection throughout the full childbirth spectrum.

~ Holistic Doula Care for the full childbirth spectrum ~

Nurturing the vision of women, couples and families bringing forth life in deep, resilient connection with themselves, each other, Divinity and community.
Nourishing, elevating & celebrating each woman I serve as she transforms through matrescence in vibrant connection with her intuition & instincts, her body wisdom, her deepest knowings, and all that she loves, all that resources her.

Meet Nena

Nena has been serving childbearing mothers & families since 2013, shortly after the birth of her first baby. She is a certified Holistic Birth & Postpartum Doula and yoga teacher, devoted dancer, and herbal maker. Her work is a celebration of the union of earth & Spirit, the dance of soul connection & sovereignty, and the alchemy of nurturing & nourishing our divine expressions and most sacred relationships. Nena lives & loves in the beautiful Southeast Appalachian mountains with her loving partner & their 3 magical wild children.

Services & offerings are non-clinical and non-medical in nature. At all stages, I do not make decisions on your behalf. I am here to offer nurturing, information and elevation ~ I respect your autonomy.

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