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Sacred Window Mother Care begins with preparation in the prenatal period. While getting to know one another & building our connection, we’ll cover:

  • Basics of postpartum psychophysiology; preparing to the tend the postpartum family and especially the postpartum mother – body, soul, heart and mind.
  • Pantry Prep – We will explore your kitchen together and assess how to best prepare your space for preparing satisfying postpartum nourishment.
  • Mama’s Nourishment Companion – You’ll receive a printed copy of my original guide offering elemental perspectives on the Sacred Window and highlighting key postpartum food principles, star ingredients, best food preparation techniques, herbal allies, and adaptable + delicious recipes. Plus a bonus section on stellar nourishment for labor & immediate postpartum.
  • Abhyanga instruction – Learn how to give yourself a loving oily massage; invite your partner & loved ones to learn as well.
  • Courageous & Compassionate ~ And for your partner, an audio workshop on postpartum preparation for dads

As desired, I will help organize your family’s support network so that you have a beautiful nest of postpartum support, a web that extends beyond me and will serve to bring your greater family and community closer together.

Enjoy postpartum care on its own or as an expansion of our Holistic Childbearing Support.

Sacred Window Care includes your chosen combination of nourishing postpartum fare and personalized herbal supports with in-home Mother Care.

In-home Mother Care Sessions provide you the opportunity to access the fullness of my skills, wisdom, & heart. These sessions are suited to your particular experience and needs, day to day, moment to moment and can include:

  • Nourishing touch for postpartum
  • Nutritional & herbal consulting
  • Birth processing
  • Basic breastfeeding support
  • Setting up herbal baths for you and/or Baby
  • Emotional & spiritual support
  • Relationship support for your partnership, Motherbaby bonding, and your connections with your other child/ren
  • Communication support
  • Yoga, dance, meditation, pranayama & writing practices
  • Continuing to help organize & facilitate your broader support network

*One of these sessions (preferably during your second week postpartum) may include baby abhyanga instruction.

Sacred Window Mother Care Packages are completely customizable to your needs and preferences. I emphasize care through the first 10 days postpartum as this sensitive time sets the stage for the whole sacred window, and offer options for ongoing care. I also offer a consulting package for families who have a great care team already in place.