Holistic Preconception Care for sacred women & couples who wish to be nurtured, nourished, elevated and celebrated on their journey of creation! Whether you’re making your first or fifth babe, sacred companionship can lift you up and fortify your experience.

In our time together, we can explore…

  • Preparing your body, spirit, mind & heart for conception & pregnancy
  • Herbal & nutritional support 
  • Deepening partner connection & sexual satisfaction
  • The mystical physiology of conception
  • The Ayurvedic principles of agni, ojas & sattva
  • Basics of pregnancy physiology so you’re familiar with all the marvelous changes your body is about to undergo
  • Abhyanga ~ loving oily Ayurvedic self-massage
  • Addressing concerns around previous childbirth experiences
  • Consulting around blood work & other testing options
  • Menstrual cycle wellness & vitality
  • Yoga, dance, meditation, pranayama
  • Connecting with amazing resources ~ and more!

I lovingly offer clients custom herbals including flower essence formulations and elixirs, nourishing herbal ghees, tea blends, botanical massage oils and more.

I usually work with women/couples for a minimum of 3 sessions, spaced 2-4 weeks apart. Custom packages available.

Preconception Care can beautifully flow into Pregnancy & Birth Care as you make that sweet transition!